IndyGo makes changes to Red Line, 2 other routes


INDIANAPOLIS – Starting Sunday IndyGo riders will have to wait a little bit longer before the next bus comes one the Red Line and routes 8 and 10. 

This comes as part of its ongoing process of assessing services and making adjustments, something a spokesperson says they do three times a year. That’s due to a few factors, including a decrease in people riding the bus. 

The changes are as follows: 

  • Route 8 will return to coming every 30-minutes between the Indianapolis Zoo and the airport on weekdays.  
  • Route 10 will return to every 20-minutes east of Lynhurst Dr. and every 40-minutes on its westbound branches on weekdays.  
  • Red Line will run every 15-minutes throughout its operating hours, every day of the week, with 30-minute service on the northern and southern extensions. 

“These are adjustments of between five to 15 minutes. And like I said, this is a regular process we go through. This is something that our riders are used to seeing slight adjustments throughout the year across system-wide,” said IndyGo Public Information Officer Faith Chadwick.

These changes are already posted online so riders can see the new schedules and plan accordingly. They can also use the MyStop mobile app and Google Maps to help with real-time tracking of the buses.  

These adjustments come as IndyGo has seen a decrease in ridership across the system during the pandemic.  

“Ridership is definitely a factor we consider. We’re looking at service efficiency, on-time arrival. This is a regular process we go through multiple times per year, and this time around its routes 8, 10 and the Red Line that will have some slight timing adjustments,” said Chadwick. 

Since the Red Line is just over a year old this is the first time these routes have been adjusted like this.  

On its one-year anniversary, the Red Line had an average of a little more than 4,000 daily passengers through the end of July, which is less than 40 percent of the goal predicted by IndyGo leadership of about 11,000 riders a day. 

“We saw such incredible excitement and ridership when the Red Line launched. Shortly thereafter the pandemic hit and system-wide we’ve seen decreases in our ridership. We are starting to see riders return to transit, but ridership it not at its usual levels,” Chadwick said. 

Chadwick says they’ve taken extra precautions to keep people safe from the spread of COVID-19, like mandating masks, increasing cleanings and installing shields on the buses. 

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