IndyGo confirms Red Line median along College Avenue needs to be replaced

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Just two months after it opened, the Red Line is experiencing more problems. IndyGo confirms the entire median running along College Avenue will have to be replaced.

After months of construction, businesses along College Avenue thought they were finally in the clear, but then a new problem started popping up.

“A lot of people are very very frustrated,” said Scott Goodwine, who owns a building at 52nd and College.

In spots along College, pieces of the median are loose or completely missing, and people who work along the route aren’t surprised.

“No, not at all,” said Binkley’s Kitchen manager Chez Roberts. “It’s up and down College too.”

Roberts says drivers have been running over the medians to turn left instead of driving the extra distance to make a U turn.

“The medians are kind of an obstacle I think for a lot of people,” Roberts said. “I cant turn to get in here, I have to go down an extra street to get into my place of employment.”

The idea of restricting left turns is one of the many issues Goodwine had with the Red Line before it was installed. He’s also concerned over the loss of street parking.

“People are frustrated they cant turn left where they need to to get into residences and businesses so they just turn over them,” Goodwine said.

Goodwine also said the impact from construction is causing one of his tenants to close, and others nearby are struggling. Those that survived are fearful for round two of construction.

“That’s what I fear the most is actually more construction,” Roberts said. “Because it will slow down business again.”

IndyGo hasn’t given any details about what the replacement project will look like, how long it will take, or how much it will cost. Businesses are eagerly waiting for answers, hoping for limited to no traffic concerns if another project has to take place along College Avenue.

“It’s upsetting, but again there’s nothing we can do about it,” Roberts said

IndyGo says they are currently working with the contractor on a replacement. They would not comment today.

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