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INDIANAPOLIS — A local program is highlighting the impact Indianapolis can have on the lives and careers of those who live outside the state.

This summer, more than 600 interns have taken part in Indyfluence, an internship program that connects students with some of the top companies in central Indiana.

Nearly 40% of last year’s interns chose Indianapolis as the place to start their careers—even though they didn’t live near Indy and participated virtually.

“Last year I was at my mom’s house doing my virtual internship, and at Lilly, Indyfluence is more of an encouraged event that we do. So, my experience with it, I really like it. I’m from Georgia, currently in Alabama, attended school in Alabama, so I don’t know anything about Indiana or Indianapolis,” said RaeVin Johnson, an intern with Eli Lilly & Company.

“I believe it was a great introduction outside of my company introducing the city to me, they are a great introduction to the city, they make me want to move there, so if anything, I think they are doing pretty good,” she said.

“One really cool thing I heard in the event yesterday, Indianapolis has two things to offer, a beautiful sunset and really nice people. And that might have also been one of my things I’m like, ‘I would move there.’ They have nice sunsets, and they have really nice people.”

One of the pillars of the program is to learn about how easy it is to get involved and make an impact in the community.

Next week, the interns will vote on a local nonprofit to receive a $14,000 grant that will go on to serve Hoosier families.