MUNCIE, Ind. — A man is under arrest after a woman reportedly ran into a Best Western hotel in Muncie, covered in blood, and begged the front desk clerk to hide her.

According to court documents, Muncie police were called to the hotel on Bethel Avenue shortly after 1 a.m. on Wednesday. The hotel employee told officers that he had hidden the woman in a hotel room and that a man had come around the hotel asking where the woman was.

Officers went to a room where the woman was being hidden. According to the officers, the woman had multiple blood stains on her clothes and had lacerations on her hand, thigh and jaw. Her lip was also swollen and beginning to bruise.

Police reportedly spoke to the victim via Google Translate and learned that her boyfriend — identified as 31-year-old Jose Diego-Torres — had beaten her and cut her in several places with a knife.

Police found Diego-Torres waiting outside the hotel and immediately cuffed the man, who reportedly had dried blood on his wrist.

A translator spoke to the victim who said she had been at a nearby residence with Diego-Torres when he had become upset with her and cut her finger and her thigh with a knife. She escaped the home and ran to the Best Western after waiting for him to go to the bathroom.

Diego-Torres reportedly confirmed to officers that the victim was his girlfriend and that the two had gotten into an argument. He denied cutting her, however, claiming he only slapped her in the face and that the blood was from her nose bleeding.

Officers reported no dried blood around the victim’s nose, however.

According to court documents, Diego-Torres had an active out-of-state warrant at the time of his arrest. He is wanted in Oregon on charges of attempted rape, unlawful use of a weapon, sexual abuse, assault and more.

Police said a search of Diego-Torres’ apartment uncovered men’s clothing with dried, suspected blood.

Diego-Torres will be extradited to Oregon on his outstanding warrants.

A booking photo of Jose Diego-Torres was not made available.