LAWRENCE, Ind. — Lawrence police confirm they have made an arrest following an armed carjacking in Lawrence this week.

The victim said she was not only robbed but kidnapped and forced to sit in her passenger seat while being driven around by a complete stranger.

Fortunately, that woman wasn’t hurt and lived to tell the tale.

Walking out of a Dollar Tree on Pendleton Pike, a woman claims she was ambushed by an armed carjacker while getting into her SUV on Monday.

“Before I could close the door, he stepped in and showed me the pistol and was like, ‘Scoot over,’” said the victim.

That victim asked not to be identified but said the suspect first drove her to a Huntington Bank location nearby on Pendleton Pike, but the ATM was closed due to construction.

“When we couldn’t get the money he was saying, This isn’t good. You better figure out how to get me some money,’” said the victim.  “His goal was to get money.”

The armed thief then drove the woman to a second Huntington Bank on East Washington where he forced her to withdraw cash from her account.

“I kept crying and he was like, ‘I’m not going to hurt you. Just shut up,'” said the victim.

Finally, after driving the woman to the downtown transit center, the suspect stole her wedding ring and drove away in her silver Honda Pilot.

“I tried to give him my purse and my car, like just let me out. You can have it all. I didn’t care about nothing but my life,” said the woman.

“The victim did well. It was very frightening of course,” said Lawrence Police Chief Gary Woodruff.

The Lawrence chief praised the victim for complying with the suspect’s demands, which is often the best way to stay safe.

“Yeah, it’s not worth getting physically injured. As traumatic as it was, she was physically uninjured,” said Woodruff.

“I just followed directions. I did what he told me to do,” said the victim.

After being dropped off downtown, the woman called 911 and IMPD responded before realizing the crime started in Lawrence.

Before he drove away the woman said the suspect admitted he targeted her at random.

“I asked him why did you choose me and he said, ‘It just wasn’t your lucky day,'” said the victim.

George Landy

Lawrence police confirm the suspect was arrested Tuesday afternoon and the victim’s stolen SUV was recovered.

Officers took 52-year-old George Landy into custody on preliminary charges of armed robbery, criminal confinement, resisting law enforcement and felon possessing a handgun.

Anyone with information on the case is still asked to call Lawrence Police or CrimeStoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.