INDIANAPOLIS — A Mountain Glacier delivery driver is suspected of being high on marijuana while out making his water delivery, crashing his box truck into numerous mailboxes, parked cars and even a mail truck before attempting to flee from police.

Christopher Pascual-Seratto, 24, was arrested on Friday after pulling over on the side of an I-65 on-ramp after a police pursuit. He faces two felony counts of resisting law enforcement along with eight different misdemeanor charges including leaving the scene of an accident and operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Pascual-Seratto posted a $1,000 bond on Monday.

According to court documents, Indianapolis police received phone calls about a water delivery truck driving over multiple mailboxes and crashing into parked vehicles in the Normandy Farms neighborhood, located near 79th Street and Marsh Road, shortly after 11 a.m. on Friday.

Police officers responding to the multiple calls ended up spotting the Mountain Glacier delivery truck leaving the neighborhood. The truck, driven by Pascual-Seratto, fled southbound on Marsh Road and then east on 71st Street before merging onto I-465 southbound.

Police pursued the truck until it at last pulled over on an I-65 on-ramp.

The water delivery truck pulled over on I-65 on-ramp on Friday (INDOT)

Officers said Pascual-Seratto was behind the wheel and noted the odor of marijuana emitting from the cab of the truck. Pascual-Seratto appeared to be “falling asleep” while speaking to officers, according to the documents.

A search of Pascual-Seratto uncovered a “green leafy substance” officers believed to be marijuana.

An investigation uncovered that Pascual-Seratto’s delivery truck struck at least three mailboxes along with two parked cars, a light pole and a mail truck. The driver of the mail truck ended up being transported to a hospital due to a complaint of pain.

An officer noted in his report that it was believed Pascual-Seratto “was under the influence of Cannabis and a CNS Stimulant and was unable to operate a vehicle safely.”

Pascual-Seratto has been previously convicted of dealing a controlled substance and possessing marijuana.