INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man faces a slew of new charges after a postal inspector’s search of his home uncovered a stash of guns and drugs.

James D. Watt was taken into custody on Friday.

Court records reveal Watt’s home in the 1600 block of N. Graham Avenue was searched under the terms of a federal warrant that accused Watt of mail fraud. The search took place early Friday morning and led to the postal inspector calling in assistance from the Indiana Crime Gun Task Force and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

According to the court documents, the postal inspector noted multiple guns placed about the residence and asked Watt if there were more weapons inside the house. Watt reportedly told the inspector, “they are everywhere.”

In all, investigators ended up uncovering 15 different firearms within the home. The firearms found within the home ranged from handguns to shotguns to rifles. Investigators said some of the firearms were loaded.

During the search of Watt’s home, authorities also discovered stashes of drugs.

All-in-all, court documents detail 34 different instances of drugs or drug-related paraphernalia being found in the N. Graham Avenue home. The stashes ranged from a mason jar filled with mushrooms to plastic baggies filled with cocaine to marijuana kept in a Calvin Klein box.

Watt reportedly said that he “learned about dealing drugs from his father.”

Court documents reveal that a warrant was reportedly severed on the Graham Avenue home several years ago for a marijuana grow operation in the basement.