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INDIANAPOLIS — Tonight, the family of a father of four killed on Indy’s near east side exactly one year ago is pleading for help.

On Valentine’s Day 2021, Billy Bowman passed away in the hospital. Bowman died after being shot in the head near 9th and Tuxedo Street two days earlier.

No one has ever been held accountable for killing the 45-year-old, but his family isn’t the only one in the same neighborhood waiting for justice.

“It’s been the longest and shortest year of my life,” said the victim’s daughter, Kristan Bowman. “It’s been rough just feeling like we’re left in the dark.”

Family approved photo of Billy Bowman

Kristan said the IMPD detective assigned to her dad’s case has kept in touch with the family, but a year later hasn’t provided any information on a motive or possible suspect.

“You know we’re not really getting any answers or updates, but I think it comes down to the fact that he doesn’t have anything to update us with. No one’s really talking so it’s pretty frustrating,” said Bowman.

Bowman left behind four kids, including Kristen’s 12-year-old sister.

Billy Bowman (far left) and family

“That little girl was like his right hand. I have to look at her and say you’re best friend is not here and that’s really hard,” said Kristan.

Sadly, Kristan isn’t alone in her frustration.

Last year, 14 people were killed within one mile of where Bowman was shot.

Map of Indy’s homicides in 2021

Following Bowman’s shooting at 909 N Tuxedo, 24-year-old Santiago Prado was killed on North Kealing on Feb 19.

Anthony Millian, 19, was killed on Feb. 25 on East New York.

Shaun White, 26, died March 31st on East 13th Street.

Demetri Swann, 22, was murdered April 14, also on North Tuxedo.

Someone killed 49-year-old Alfredo Noriega on June 25 along East Michigan.

Norman Rogers, 39, was killed on July 21 on North Rural.

Just days later, 40-year-old David Woodward was murdered on July 24 on East Michigan.

Peter Carr, 30, was shot to death on Aug. 1 along East New York.

Dylan McGinnis, 24, died Oct. 1 on East 11th Street.

The next day on Oct. 2, 27-year-old Demarkus Black was killed on North Dearborn.

Fabian Morgan, 34, was shot to death Oct. 5 on North Denny.

Monesha McKinley, 25, was found dead on North Rural on Oct. 17.

Charles Burgess Jr., 24, was found shot, stabbed and set on fire inside a home on Vermont on Nov. 5.

In all, nine of those cases remain unsolved.

“Families like mine are hurting because people don’t want to talk to the police and interact with law enforcement,” said Bowman. “When you’re refusing to talk to police about a murder, you’re refusing to give a 12-year-old answers about her father’s death.”

Anyone with information on any unsolved homicide can contact either IMPD’s homicide office or Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.