INDIANAPOLIS — A man will spend the next 12 years in federal prison after he admitted to sending and getting child sexual abuse material.

“Hello beautiful”

That was the start of a message thread from Coenraad Cromhoudt that would eventually result in federal officials arresting him for sending and receiving child sexual abuse material.

Cromhoudt thought he was talking to Ashley, a 13-year-old girl from Arizona. The probable cause affidavit filed in the case against Cromhoudt said he met the girl in a Kik chatroom known to be used by adult men looking for girls under the age of 18 and for the exchange of child sex abuse material.

The contact started with Cromhoudt messaging Ashley, asking where she was. The document said Ashley told him that she was in Arizona, to which he replied that he was in Indiana. He asked what she was looking for and her age, but that is where the initial contact ended.

About a week later, the document said Cromhoudt picked up the conversation with “hello beautiful.” Ashley told him that she was 13 and the conversation quickly turned sexual in nature.

Throughout the chat, Cromhoudt asked Ashley sexual questions. The document said he also sent naked pictures of himself, videos of pre-pubescent girls being sexually abused by adult men, and adult pornography.

As the months went on, the government’s sentencing memorandum said Cromhoudt groomed Ashley, trying to normalize sexual contact between her and him and to show her how to ready her body for sex with an adult. He even tried to make plans to meet to have sex.

When he was in court facing charges in the case, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Indiana said Cromhoudt admitted he sent the sexually explicit videos to the girl, in part, to convince her that he had had previously had sex with children and they enjoyed it.

​Cromhoudt’s arrest came just in time. He was a man determined to sexually engage with minors – unless you believe his chats, in which he bragged about already having had sexual contact with minors.

Government’s sentencing memorandum in the case against Coenraad Cromhoudt

The problem for Cromhoudt, however, was Ashley was not actually a 13-year-old girl from Arizona. She was actually an agent with Homeland Security, operating in an undercover capacity in the Kik chatroom, trying to find men like Cromhoudt before they could find a real, vulnerable girl.

Thank goodness there were undercover agents in that chatroom – because there are plenty of places online where no such protection for kids exists.

Government’s sentencing memorandum in the case against Coenraad Cromhoudt

In October 2021, agents searched Cromhoudt’s residence in Cayuga, Indiana. There, he was interviewed and admitted to receiving sexually explicit files using Kik, and sharing them with others.

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Indiana said in addition to the numerous videos Cromhoudt sent the undercover agent, Cromhoudt had child sexual abuse material in a Google account, including a video of an adult male raping an infant girl.

Cromhoudt’s defense attorneys said the entire ordeal happened while he was in the United States on an agricultural visa, which has since expired. They argued for a lesser sentence, as the conviction, coupled with the expired visa, will make him subject to immediate removal proceedings at the end of his sentence.

It is likely that Cromhoudt will be immediately put in removal proceedings following his release from prison so he will not be present in the community, let alone able to commit crimes there, upon release.

Defense’s sentencing memorandum in the case against Coenraad Cromhoudt

U.S. District Judge James Patrick Hanlon imposed a 151-month sentence on Cromhoudt. Additionally, he ordered that Cromhoudt be supervised by the U.S. Probation Office for 15 years following his release from federal prison and must also register as a sex offender wherever he lives, works, or goes to school, as required by law.