SPEEDWAY, Ind. — A pair of twin brothers who rammed a stolen car into a Speedway gun store to steal weapons were sentenced to over three years in federal prison after pleading guilty to theft, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Tuesday.

Jayveon Majors, age 19, was sentenced to 38 months in prison, while Tayveon Majors was sentenced to 40 months.

Court documents state that early on the morning of January 21, 2021, Jayveon drove his brother to an Indianapolis car dealership, where Tayveon stole a car. The brothers then drove separately to Speedway, where Tayveon used the stolen car to smash a hole in the side of 500 Guns on 16th Street.

Video surveillance cameras in the store captured images of Tayveon carrying firearms out and loading them into the getaway car. Javyeon drove the getaway car, his brother and the guns to their home in Indianapolis. DOJ said Tayveon stole 10 firearms from the store’s inventory and one additional firearm that was on the premises.

After a tip from the public, a search warrant was executed at the brothers’ home on January 26 of 2021. Police arrested both men at the home and recovered four of the stolen guns from the Speedway store. During an interview with police, Tayveon admitted that he planned on selling the stolen guns and stolen vehicle, the DOJ said.