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BEECH GROVE, Ind. — Thieves are caught on camera, targeting a local non-profit.

Servant’s Heart of Indy is a food pantry outreach that helps hundreds of Hoosiers. Now, volunteers and police are searching for the people who stole the organization’s box truck.

“I want God to really work on their heart,” said Bill Boone, founder of Servant’s Heart of Indy. “What they did was wrong.”

The back of Boone’s shirt says, ‘I drive the truck.’ He picks up loads of food so each week volunteers can hand it out to families in need throughout southeastern Marion County. 

Friday morning, Boone was getting ready to make a trip.  

“Uh oh, truck’s not there” he remembered.

Around 4:30 a.m. Friday, surveillance footage shows a van pulling up right next to the food pantry’s box truck. Within 10 minutes, the three suspects and the truck vanished.

“It’s an extra little burden on us to have to shuffle things around to be able to do still do God’s work,” Boone said. “We just to have to work at it a little harder.”

Servant’s Heart of Indy only had the truck for about five months. The group saved for five years to buy it.

“They stole it from God,” Boone said. “They didn’t steal it from me, so when you steal something from God, he motivates an army of people, of believers.”

Last month, Servant’s Heart saw more than 700 families, double the amount from April 2021.

“Last Thursday and Saturday we had three families come that they were living in their car,” Boone said. “They had their whole life in their car.”

Boone said he knows there are still families in need and that is why he and all the volunteers are going to continue with their good work.

“Evil people do evil things,” he said. “We just do the best we can with what we have left to work with and we go on.”

A police report was filed. Anyone that sees the box truck or knows anything about the crime is being asked to call Beech Grove Police.