HARTFORD CITY, Ind. — A woman told police she sold “the best” methamphetamine the Blackford County area had ever seen after her arrest in the drive-thru at a Hartford City McDonald’s.

Cassandra Bonewit, 28, faces multiple charges, including dealing in methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana and neglect of a dependent.

Cassandra Bonewit

The neglect charge stemmed from the fact that Bonewit’s son was in the car with her. Her boyfriend, Christopher Lindsey, faces the same drug charges. He’s not charged with neglect.

According to court documents, police arrested Bonewit after receiving a tip that she was responsible for buying “large amounts” of meth and selling it in the area.

A tipster provided police with information about a potential deal in which Bonewit would sell the individual 6 grams of meth and meet at a grocery store.

Christopher Lindsey

On the morning of the deal on Sept. 30, the tipster gave police a description of Bonewit’s truck and also said she picked up her son from school before the deal went down.

Based on that information, police were looking for Bonewit. They watched from the parking lot of a grocery store and saw a white pickup truck pull up. The driver and passenger switched positions; the truck sat for a moment before leaving the parking lot.

Police followed the truck to a nearby McDonald’s. At that point, police activated their emergency lights “to perform a traffic stop in the drive-thru lane of McDonald’s,” according to court documents.

Bonewit, her young son and Lindsey were all inside the vehicle, police said. Bonewit told investigators she was supposed to meet someone at the grocery store but believed they were acting “sketchy.” She denied having drugs in her possession.

Police found a bag of meth in Lindsey’s left pocket. He said he’d found it on the ground; however, police never saw anyone pick up anything at the grocery store.

Bonewit then told police the drugs they’d located with Lindsey were “all the methamphetamine they had.” Police subsequently located additional drugs that she’d retrieved from her bra, according to court documents.

Bonewit had 6 grams of meth—the same amount she’d agreed to sell, police said.

After her arrest, Bonewit told police she bought about a half-pound of meth (approximately 226 grams) for $600 every two weeks and sold about 200 grams of it. She kept some of the drug for herself.

She typically sold the meth in a “ball” (3.5 grams, according to police) for $300—a price investigators noted seemed high. When asked why it cost so much, Bonewit bragged about the quality of the methamphetamine she was selling, saying it was “the best [expletive] that’s ever been around here,” according to court documents.

When asked why she sold drugs, Bonewit stated, “Doing [expletive] the legal way don’t [expletive] matter.”

Police later searched Bonewit’s home in Warren, located in Huntington County. They discovered a small amount of meth, hypodermic needles, drug paraphernalia and scales.

Both Bonewit and Lindsey were taken to the Blackford County Jail.