GREENFIELD, Ind. — A Greenfield woman has pleaded not guilty after a group of teenagers allegedly smoked marijuana, drank alcohol, and a teen overdosed on ketamine while she was the only adult present at the residence.

According to court documents, filed in Hancock County on Aug. 28, 68-year-old Mary Ann Weaver was charged with one count of neglect of a dependent resulting in serious injury, a Level 3 felony, along with an additional neglect of a dependent charge, a Level 6 felony, and a misdemeanor.

On Aug. 20, deputies with the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to a home in Greenfield on a welfare check. When officers arrived, the documents said that they found a woman and her 14-year-old daughter in a vehicle, and the daughter was throwing up. Detectives said they smelled alcohol emitting from the passenger side of the vehicle, where the daughter was sitting.

Through an investigation, officials found out that a group of four teenagers were smoking and drinking at Weaver’s apartment, one of which Weaver was the legal guardian for. The 14-year-old went home after Weaver called her mother and said she was intoxicated.

In an interview with Weaver’s granddaughter, she said the 14-year-old had reportedly taken ketamine prior to going over to the apartment. When the 14-year-old overdosed, the documents claimed Weaver did not contact emergency services and just called her mother.

In a search of the apartment, the documents said law enforcement found marijuana and paraphernalia, as well as empty alcohol bottles and cans. When the teenagers were there, Weaver reportedly told officers that she checked on the teenagers three or four times.

Weaver reportedly told officers that while she did not allow the teenagers to drink, she did know that they “vape and (use) marijuana.” The documents said all four teenagers were engaged in criminal/delinquent activity while Weaver was present.

According to court documents, a pretrial conference is scheduled in this case for 9 a.m. on Nov. 8. The court set a cash bond for Weaver at $5,000.

An additional affidavit of probable cause was filed related to this incident against 39-year-old Amanda Reed. Reed was charged with two misdemeanors related to allegedly providing alcohol to the teens. A pretrial conference is scheduled for Nov. 13.