INDIANAPOLIS — One man is dead and a second is critically wounded following a shooting at a gas station on Indy’s northeast side.

The two victims were found shot sitting in a car at the Exxon near 46th and Arlington.

While the motive for the violence remains a mystery, the entire crime was caught on camera.

Just before midnight, two hooded suspects walked through the parking lot before police believe the pair got into a car and shot two people.

Police asked us not to show more of the video including the moments before and after the shooting, but the two suspects could be seen getting out of the backseat of the car and running away from the scene.

“It’s scary being so close to home,” said neighbor Melinda Benbow.

Melinda lives across the street and didn’t know the victim who died on scene. That man was identified as 22-year-old Na’Shun Wright. It’s also not clear what motivated the killing.

“It’s sad. I can give my speculations, but I think the saddest part is knowing a life was taken,” said Benbow.

The case marks the third deadly shooting at a gas station in recent weeks.

Last month one man was killed following a fender bender at a Marathon on Post.

One of Indy’s peacemakers was shot and killed at a Phillips 66 on Keystone.

In addition to those homicides, three people were wounded in a shooting at a Citgo on Washington and a child was hurt by a shooting at a Speedway.

Police and community leaders say gas station owners need to play a bigger role in preventing violence.

“It’s not a direct reflection of those businesses, it just so happens they’re open at night. The general public needs to be aware of that,” said IMPD Captain Mike Leeper.

“They have to make sure their gas stations are safe,” said Reverend Charles Harrison.

For years the Ten Point Coalition has focused its patrols around gas stations in certain hotspots. Reverend Harrison continues to urge gas station owners to step up their security when needed.

“I think it’s their responsibility. IMPD can’t do that. Community groups can’t provide that security, but the gas stations themselves can,” said Harrison.

Because no arrests have been made, anyone with information on the shooting is asked to contact either IMPD’s homicide office or Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.