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INDIANAPOLIS–Tiffany Burnett said IMPD investigators have already viewed the video captured by her home surveillance camera system in the 6400 block of Kentstone Drive of the moment the man next door suddenly opened fire on another neighbor and his mother without warning Saturday afternoon.

“I had noticed the gentleman next door as well throughout the day walking his dog,” said Burnett of a neighbor identified in an IMPD report as 20-year-old Keith Laroy Allender Jr. “I did try to speak once and when I did he didn’t speak back so I just kept from distance from him.”

Burnett said while residents were working in their yards Saturday, she had spotted Allender walking around and acting erratically.

“I heard what sounded like fireworks but of course they were just too close together and when I turned around I seen the young man shooting towards the home here where Lance and his mother was.”

Lance Stevens lives in the house across the street from Allender. His mother was in the driveway with Stevens’ child in her car. Burnett’s video shows the gunman walking toward Stevens’ house with a firearm outstretched.

“I seen Lance’s mother laying across the front seat of her car trying to get her body inside of the vehicle and eventually she did take off,” said Burnett. “I seen the young man just kind of meddling around in the streets kind of talking to himself and things of that nature on the ground and walking in circles with the dog and moving back and forth to his vehicle.”

Eventually Allender drove off as Burnett and her husband ran across the street to help Stevens.

“He had told my family members earlier from throughout the day the young man had offered him money or some sort and he declined but then he stated that right before the incident occurred that the young man just came over and was acting weird and just started to shoot him and his mother.”

A friend of another neighbor told Fox 59 News that Allender nearly ran down that resident a block south who was trying to slow traffic to assist the wounded woman who drove away from the shooting scene.

IMPD reports that seconds later Allender fired at three vehicles in the 3500 block of West 62nd Street and then at two officers who tried to apprehend him at 6200 North Michigan Road.

Police reports indicate seconds later an IMPD officer spotted Allender’s vehicle southbound on Michigan Road from 62nd Street and the pursuit began with speeds up to 75 miles per hour as the gunman reportedly fired shots at officers as they chased him westbound on 30th Street toward East Riverside Drive where his SUV came to a halt and witnesses say they heard dozens of shots.

A two-year veteran policewoman was shot five times but later treated and released from the hospital.

Allender is still hospitalized in critical condition.

He is charged with three counts of attempted murder, aggravated battery, criminal recklessness and resisting law enforcement.

Police recovered his weapon, a Glock handgun with an ammunition drum attached.

“No one was doing anything out of the ordinary, just minding their own business and enjoying the day and all of that occurred,” said Burnett. “Even though I’m very sad that an IMPD officer had to get shot, I just want people to understand that prior to that taking place, you had me and as well as other families out here just on Saturday doing yardwork and we were out here minding our own business not doing anything wrong and this happened.”