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UPDATE (April 23, 2019)– Scott Smith was sentenced to 36 months of suspended probation.

Original story:

SHELBYVILLE,Ind. – A family’s Christmas morning went on as planned Tuesday, after a man confronted a snoop on his front porch.

It happened along the 100 block of N. Vine St. before 7 am Monday. According to the homeowner, Richard Romanoski, a man was on his porch, snooping in his window where his Christmas tree and gifts were.

“I got a little ankle biter,” Richard said. “He barks at everything. I thought someone was just walking across the street and I told him to shut up. Then he started digging at the door.”

Richard decided to investigate. To his surprise, a man was on his porch.

“There was a strange man on my porch, looking in my window,” Richard said. “My grand babies’ gifts were there.”

According to Richard and his wife, Michelle, the two men spent about 15 minutes together. When Richard tried to get him to leave, the man punched him in the face.

“Rick tried to get him off the porch,” said Michelle. “He would walk him down and then he turned around to try to come back. Rich put his hands up and was like, no, you’re not coming back on the porch and that’s when he swung on him.”

On Wednesday, Richard’s eye still had a swollen bump on it. He said he would learn from doctors on Thursday if he needed surgery or not.

The snoop ended up running away, but Richard said a few hours later, he spotted the guy again.

That’s when police arrested Scott Smith, 33, who faces a charge of battery resulting in serious bodily injury.

The Romanoski Christmas went on without any issues. The family said if things had gone differently, it wasn’t just their family gifts that were there. They had presents there for a family who lost a relative earlier in the year from drug addiction.

“We don’t have a lot of money so what we have, we work for,” said Richard. “That’s our Christmas and if that gets taken away, it’s going to hurt everybody.”