INDIANAPOLIS — Documents related to a late June triple shooting in Broad Ripple have been unsealed in Marion County, identifying a 24-year-old woman as a suspect in the incident, which law enforcement officials called a “senseless tragedy.”

According to court documents, Kara Hinds has been charged with two counts of murder, one count of reckless homicide, a Level 5 felony, as well as two counts of battery, a Level 5 felony, and one count of criminal recklessness, a Level 5 felony.

Officials said Hinds was taken into custody on the north side of Indianapolis on Thursday after a warrant was issued in relation to the June 25 incident.

According to previous reports, three people were killed in the 800 block of Broad Ripple Ave. near Guilford Ave. on June 25 including 22-year-old Kaleyia Preer, 24-year-old Tywain Henning and 22-year-old Christopher Lee Wilson Jr. Officials said at the time that some sort of disturbance led to the shooting in an area where 400 to 500 people were out and about. No suspects were taken into custody at that time.

“(This shooting was a) senseless tragedy that has fallen upon our community and these families that were impacted by this gun violence,” Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Deputy Chief Kendale Adams said during a Thursday afternoon news conference.

What did the affidavit for probable cause say?

According to the affidavit for probable cause, filed on Wednesday and unsealed Thursday in Marion County, law enforcement outlined the investigation that led to Thursday’s arrest of Hinds. After the June 25 incident, evidence collected at the scene included multiple fired shell casings, firearms, bullets and clothing, including a red and black baseball hat with a bullet hole in the brim that reportedly belonged to Hinds.

Video was also collected by law enforcement from several cameras in the area, as well as from social media sites, area businesses and officer body cameras. Officials said over the course of the investigation, several different tips and possible suspects were given to detectives.

“Based on these conversations and the information being provided, a person of interest was mentioned by several different individuals,” the documents stated. “They described the suspect in their own words as a ‘masculine acting female,’ many used the term, ‘stud.'”

Law enforcement also spoke with victims and family members of the individuals involved in the June 25 incident in Broad Ripple. Multiple individuals said that a group of people got into an altercation with another group. During the altercation, a woman, later identified as Hinds, allegedly made the comment “I don’t give a f—, I’m about to shoot everywhere.”

After this comment was made, a member of the group allegedly punched her in the back of the head. A witness then described the events, stating she ran a few steps and started shooting. The witness then reportedly identified the shooter as Hinds.

By using social media, and IP addresses, police tracked Hinds and a friend to an Indianapolis apartment. On Sept. 28, detectives set up surveillance, leading to officials taking Hinds and a friend into custody, the documents stated. In a search warrant of the apartment, officials said that a firearm was found, along with two cell phones.

In an interview with Hinds, the documents stated that she did not admit at first that she was in the Broad Ripple area, but heard about the incident “on the streets.” When Hinds was told that she was captured on multiple cameras and that her DNA was found on the scene, she reportedly told officers she dropped her stuff, including her hat, and ran away from the scene.

During an additional conversation, Hinds told detectives that a person had hit her on the back of the head and knocked her hat off. Hinds reportedly said that she then heard shots and left the area. Detectives then let Hinds know that a video reportedly showed Hinds with a gun in her hand.

“(Detectives) asked Hinds what type of gun she had when she fired at the group,” the documents stated. Hinds later said, she felt like she was defending herself… When asked, Hinds stated she could not tell if anyone in the group was shooting back at her.”

Hinds went on to tell detectives that she did not know the people involved in the incident, but said the group was “aggressive.” The firearm found at the apartment, which officials said was a .40 caliber Glock 27, was identified as firing 9mm cartridge casings found at the scene, as well as a bullet that was recovered in one of the victims from the incident.

Officials said that four fired 40 S&W caliber cartridge casings and three fired bullets were also identified as being fired by the 40 S&W caliber Glock model 27 Gen 5 pistol, which law enforcement identified as Hinds’ firearm.

What did law enforcement say during the news conference?

Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears said it was a chaotic scene on June 25. Multiple law enforcement officials put this case together through various means, including footage, witness testimony, social media videos and DNA evidence that eventually linked weapons to the scene. Mears said this all led to Hinds’ charges.

Adams said the families of the victims also provided “critical information” to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Officials said there were a number of different disturbances in the Broad Ripple area that evening. Mears said that tension between multiple groups led to a “petty dispute,” which ultimately led to the violence. With it being late at night, with alcohol involved and many people being armed in the area, Mears said it was a “deadly recipe.”

Adams said that no matter where it is in the city, a lot of people have guns. Adams stressed that guns themselves are not bad, but a situation like this one on June 25 could lead to a deadly incident.

Adams hopes this is the start of the process to hold someone accountable for this crime.

“This is senseless. Three lives lost. One life still injured,” Adams said. “That’s unacceptable.”