PENDLETON, Ind. — Court documents reveal how a woman was “scared beyond comprehension” after her boyfriend — who was hallucinating while on meth — forced her and her young child into a tense car ride where he continually talked about killing both her and the child while holding a loaded gun.

Though battered by the man, the victim survived her ordeal thanks to a Pendleton police officer spotting the SUV and forcing the man to exit the vehicle at gunpoint.

Scott Ray King, 38, was taken into custody where he faces multiple felony charges including kidnapping, aggravated battery, criminal recklessness, neglect of a dependent and intimidation.

According to court documents, King — a known meth user —had been awake for several days and had been experiencing hallucinations when he took the couple’s SUV and the woman’s 11-month-old child and drove off.

Booking photo of Scott King (Madison Co. Sheriff)

The woman begged King to return with the child. King’s hallucinations were so bad that he reportedly told the woman he had been at a GetGo gas station in Yorktown and fired shots at a car he thought was following him.

After King returned to the couple’s Madison County home, King reportedly forced the woman to get into the car with him and the child and took off once again. King reportedly drove recklessly, pointed his firearm at passing cars he thought were chasing him, and nearly crashed numerous times.

After stopping at a gas station in Pendleton, the woman tried to get into the driver’s seat and escape but said King caught her and battered her with the pistol, striking her in the mouth, nose and eye. The woman screamed for help prompting witnesses to call 911. King ordered the woman to drive, however, threatening both her and her child’s life.

The woman later told police officers that she was terrified that King was going to shoot her and her child at any moment. King was continually holding a loaded handgun but also had a shotgun resting near the center console.

The terrifying ordeal at last came to an end when an officer spotted the SUV after it exited off Interstate 69.

An officer noted how terrified the woman appeared in his report, court documents detail, and said her left eye was swollen and bleeding to the point he couldn’t even see her eyeball. The officer also spotted the shotgun lying near the center console and ordered King out of the vehicle at gunpoint.

King complied and was cuffed without incident.

A search of the vehicle found both the handgun and the shotgun were loaded.

If convicted, King could face up to 16 years in prison.