RICHMOND, Ind. — A man who owns several businesses in the Richmond area was arrested Sunday on a charge of dealing cocaine, the Richmond Police Department announced Monday.

RPD said Adam Gossett — whose businesses include Interstate Motors and Adam Gossett, Inc. dba — was the target of a years-long Wayne County Drug Task Force investigation into the sale and distribution of cocaine in the Richmond area.

Court documents show that on May 31, police were granted a warrant to install and monitor a GPS tracker on Gossett’s truck. Police placed the device on Gossett’s truck on June 2, and on June 5 an officer monitoring the tracker observed the truck travel to Indianapolis. With the information previously provided by confidential informants, the officer believed Gossett was buying large amounts of drugs in Indianapolis to sell in Richmond, per court documents.

Police said they followed Gossett as he headed back to Richmond and pulled him over on U.S. 40 in Cambridge City after observing him fail to use a turn signal three time and go 37 miles per hour in a 30 mile-per-hour zone.

Officers searched the truck after a K9 alerted to the presence of narcotics and found 1.5 pounds of cocaine worth about $50,000, as well as two semi automatic handguns with associated magazines and $116 in cash, per RPD.

(Photo Provided By Richmond Police Department)

The task force then executed a search warrant in the 1800 block of N. E. St. at an address associated with the investigation. There they found a “small amount of narcotics” and an additional handgun, police said.

Gossett was preliminarily charged with dealing cocaine. Police noted that more charges are expected to come.

CORRECTION: The Richmond Police Department originally said in a press release that Adam Gossett owned the Tally Ho Pub. After reaching out for clarification, police confirmed that this is not true, and Gossett is not affiliated with the Tally Ho Pub.