INDIANAPOLIS — A woman who was too afraid to give her name said she was wrapping up dinner with her three sons inside a home in the 2800 block of East Raymond Street when she heard gunfire Tuesday night.

”All I heard was like 50 gunshots after we had just all had dinner,” she said.

The woman watched as IMPD officers collected dozens of shell casings outside her home before she emerged this morning to view her essentially demolished minivan.

”Full of bullet holes in the seats and the windows and the tires. I was upset and I didn’t have nothing to do with it neither so I don’t know what happened.”

Other neighbors in the Red Maple Grove community said they were just as perplexed as to the shootout that left homes peppered with bullet holes and residents ducking for cover.

”Someone came and sprayed about forty bullets and hit my unit and my neighbor’s unit and the next units going down from there,” said another resident. ”We hear gunshots about three to four times a week in this area.”

It’s been a violent summer at Red Maple Grove but keeping pace with the troubles that have visited the federally subsidized southeast side community since the start of 2022.

”The violence has gotten very violent over here, shootings every other week, kids can’t be outside, shooting right while the kids is outside and having to duck and run, its just not safe anymore,” said one mother.

Over the last 20 months, IMPD reports that Red Maple Grove and its residents have been linked to at least 30 shots fired runs, 10 people wounded, five people murdered and more than 10 reports of juveniles with guns.

”That’s why I say kids cuz there is a lot of juveniles. I come home every night and I’ll see them standing outside holding their guns just like it’s a normal day to shoot something, that’s normal for them,” said one woman.

”I see guns and stuff,” said the lady with the shot-up vehicle. ”I’m surprised but I’m not surprised because it’s been happening for a long time and more with the guns all you can carry without a license it’s getting worse.”

Red Maple Grove is owned by a Chicago firm that employs private management though most of the residents receive Section 8 vouchers through the Indianapolis Housing Agency,

”Red Maple Grove can only do the best they can but at the end of the day they don’t have to live here, we do,” said one woman. ”We don’t know when the next shooting gonna be. It can be right after this conversation.”