ZIONSVILLE, Ind. — A wanted woman who fired a gun toward police officers while out walking with her children could end up facing five to 20 years in prison, if not more.

Lauren Cupp, 35, of Zionsville was arrested on Monday. She is officially charged with two counts of neglect of dependent and two counts of resisting law enforcement, all Level 6 felonies.

On Wednesday, the State prosecution filed a notice declaring the prosecution’s intent to enhance Cupp’s penalty further due to “knowingly or intentionally” pointing and discharging a firearm in the direction of a Whitestown police officer.

The enhancement penalty could add an additional five to 20 years to Cupp’s sentence if she is convicted of pointing and firing a gun at an officer.

Booking photo of Lauren Cupp

According to court documents, Cupp was spotted leaving the pool in the Royal Run subdivision of Zionsville on May 29. Cupp was walking with her two juvenile children and was wanted on an active warrant for battery and criminal trespass out of Hancock County.

A Whitestown officer attempted to make contact with Cupp near the Royal Run Clubhouse but Cupp began walking away along the pond with her children. The officer reportedly told Cupp she was being detained, but alleged that Cupp drew a black handgun from her purse while saying, “Today is not your day.”

The officer said he retreated to find cover while Cupp proceeded to load a round into the chamber. Cupp was still with her children at the time of these events, court documents show.

A second officer attempted to approach Cupp near Saddle Tree Drive and Glenwood Trace. While standing at the end of the driveway, Cupp is accused of pointing the firearm toward the officer and firing one shot before she turned and ran, abandoning her two children.

Court documents state that officers reviewed security footage which shows Cupp standing at the end of the driveway with a drawn handgun.

“Mother F*****, play with me. I ain’t playing,” Cupp can be heard saying on the footage while reportedly holding a gun with the barrel raised.

Police report the handgun briefly leaves the view of the security footage as the shot is fired. Police said the casing can be seen being ejected from the handgun, however.

“Leave me and my kids alone,” Cupp reportedly said after firing one shot. “I didn’t mean to fire it.”

Cupp then fled on Saddletree Drive, leaving her children behind.

Police said the two juveniles were only 20 feet away when Cupp fired the single shot in the direction of officers.

Cupp eventually gave herself up once a K-9 unit drew near to her hiding place.

“I’m over here. Don’t send the dog,” she reported said.

Cupp surrendered into the custody of officers, police said. A black handgun was found next to her.

When questioned by police, Cupp said she was aware that it was police who were attempting to stop her. She reportedly told officers that she is afraid of the police due to past interactions.

She also reportedly told officers that she did indeed draw the handgun from her purse but claimed that she didn’t fire the gun on purpose.