NEW CASTLE, Ind. — Investigators charged a New Castle Correctional Facility CNA who’s accused of trafficking drugs in a scheme that involved at least four inmates.

According to a probable cause affidavit, staff at the prison first learned meth was brought into the facility in January, followed by Suboxone strips and pills in February. Investigators said a “nurse” would transfer the drugs to an inmate during his recurring treatments.

Court documents indicate another inmate’s family member would drop the drugs off in the nurse’s mailbox at her Richmond home, and she would then traffic them into the prison.

As the investigation continued, jail staff learned more inmates were likely involved, including an inmate who told a relative who was not in jail to contact CNA Alicia Henderson and pay her $200 via Cash App.

Investigators reviewed inmates’ phone calls and found evidence of plans to drop off Suboxone at Henderson’s home in Richmond, according to court documents.

A search of Henderson’s phone reportedly found several deposits made to her Cash App that totaled to around $2,000 and corresponded with dates and amounts discussed in the inmates’ phone calls, according to charging documents.

Henderson was charged with trafficking with an inmate, along with a misdemeanor after investigators said they found marijuana in her vehicle.