Popular downtown neighborhood sees spike in car break-ins

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (January 6, 2016) – At least 20 cars were broken into on Mass Ave this week according to community crime website SafeTown. Some cars had items stolen, but many were just torn apart.

Many parts of Mass Ave are considered safe, relatively expensive places to live. This week though, thieves moved in, targeting cars up and down the popular stretch in downtown Indy.

“It’s on Mass Ave. a lot of people are out going to the bars late at night, even if it’s a Tuesday morning there’s people going out,” said Logan Turner who lives on Mass Ave.

Tuesday morning though, thieves were going out instead.

“My wife woke me up around 5:30, came down, and everything was just totally smashed in and a bunch of other cars here as well,” said Tim Wiegand.

Tim Wiegand’s wife’s car was left ransacked and without a window after thieves targeted hers and seven other cars in a parking lot behind a Mass Ave apartment building.

“I went to go check it out and noticed there was a hole in her convertible top, you could actually see someone had taken a crowbar and was actually wedging the trim around the car throughout the windows,” said Turner.

On the corner of East and Mass Ave, Turner found a similar scene when he went past his girlfriend’s car early one morning last week.

The apartment complex that owns the parking lot sent a notice to residents this week telling them police would be beefing up late night patrols.

Good thing, thefts from vehicles and vandalized cars on Mass Ave, or nearby, in the last three days have affected at least 20 cars according to community crime website Safe Town.

“Neighbors just a little shocked mostly annoyed because no one keeps valuables in their cars anymore because of situations like this,” said Wiegand.

For that reason, no one keeping valuables in their cars; for the eight cars that were broken into in Wiegand’s parking lot, thieves did not make off with a single thing.

Police did not comment on whether or not they believe the Mass Ave break-ins are connected.

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