Police investigating report of rape in dorm room at IU Bloomington

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (Jan. 12, 2015) – Indiana University Bloomington police are investigating an on campus rape that occurred Sunday between 4:40 and 6:30 p.m. inside a campus dorm room.

Monday marked the first day of classes at IU Bloomington.  Students are back on campus and for those that live in Eigenmann Hall, Monday was not the welcome back they had hoped for.

“I was with my friend who lives in Northwest and I just saw the address and I was like oh my god, I live there,” said freshman Annie Choate, who lives in the dormitory where the alleged attack occurred.

“Knowing that it could happen to anybody always makes it a little scary to think about,” said sophomore, Natalie Hogan who lives in Elgenmann.

Hogan said it was scary reading through a campus-wide alert that described a rape that occurred Sunday night, in the mostly freshman co-ed dormitory, Eigenmann Hall.

Police say the victim filed the report early Monday morning.  An email blast was sent to students Monday afternoon, notifying them that “A Rape by Force was reported by an IUB student. The victim reported the assault occurred after arrangements were made through a social media site to meet on the IUB campus.”

“When I got the alert, the first thing that came to my mind was oh, this had to be Tinder,” said Hogan.

Word among residents in the dormitory was that the encounter occurred through Tinder; a dating app, where users match and can chat with someone based on pictures and a brief biography.

“I’ve had friends who’ve told me they’ve used it and kind of thought; you just got in the car with somebody you have never met. That’s outrageous to me I would never do something like that,” said Hogan.

“I’ve actually walked one of my friends to go meet up with someone and she was dead set on going and I didn’t feel very safe about leaving her but it’s kind of something you can’t change someone’s mind of. Like you think you get to know someone over a text message so quickly, you don’t even know their last name,” said Choate.

“Even in a face to face meeting, you only know about someone what they want you to know,” said IUPD Police Chief Laury Flint.

Flint had a warning for students back at IU for the start of a new semester.

“Everyone is responsible for their own safety, that’s the bottom line. Just be smart, be aware of your surroundings, know the people that you’re with,” she said.

Students that live in Elgenmann Hall said it is a safe building that requires key access to get in the front door after midnight, key access to get to any floor via an elevator, and key access to enter any dorm room.

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