PLAINFIELD, Ind. — A Plainfield police officer has resigned after an investigation uncovered his scheme to tarnish the image of a fellow officer, court documents reveal.

Charges were filed by the Hendricks County Prosecutors Office against Officer Valentin Khazin on Friday. He is charged with one count of official misconduct and one count of false informing, resulting in substantial hindrance to law enforcement.

The Plainfield Police Department confirmed that Khazin’s last day with the department was Aug. 30. Khazin reportedly resigned after the police chief “initiated disciplinary action,” according to a statement from police.

According to court documents, investigators from the Indiana State Police were informed of potential official misconduct by false reports and claims of harassment at a gas station.

Investigators interviewed a gas station clerk who said that Khazin asked him to assist with making false accusations against another police officer employed by the Plainfield Police Department. The clerk also said that he thought Khazin asked for the favor based on the relationship they had developed.

According to the court documents, Khazin’s plan was to “tarnish” the other officer’s character in order to prevent him from getting a promotion that Khazin was after. Khazin also reportedly stated the allegation was in retaliation for an incident that occurred between the two officers in 2022.

Khazin’s plan involved having the clerk send an accusatory letter about the rival officer to the police department from an apartment complex that did not have a surveillance camera, court documents detail.

According to the documents, investigators worked with the gas station clerk to capture Khazin on video looking over one of the letters meant to be used in the scheme. Khazin reportedly grew suspicious at one point and pointed to the secret recording device on the clerk’s shirt and asked what was on his shirt.

On an audio recording, Khazin can be heard saying, “Excuse me for being paranoid. Do you understand that? I don’t want to look like a weirdo to you. I think you’re awesome, man. Everything you do is awesome.”

The pair ended up changing the subject and not discussing the letter any further, court documents detail.

When investigators later interviewed Khazin, he mentioned that he hated the officer whose reputation he was trying to tarnish and said he did his best to avoid him.

Investigators then showed Khazin one of the letters the department had received as part of the scheme. Khazin reportedly agreed with the investigators that the allegations made in the letter sounded false.

Next, investigators showed Khazin footage of himself at the gas station talking to the clerk. In the video, the clerk can be seen handing the letter to Khazin to inspect.

Khazin reportedly denied having read the letter and called the clerk a “weird individual,” according to the documents.

Investigators then pressed further and began to show Khazin the audio recording but Khazin reportedly stood up and said he understood the implications being made against him and that he did not wish to continue the interview.

The Plainfield Police Department confirmed that Khazin has been with the department since March 20, 2020.

Khazin was an NYPD officer before coming to Plainfield.