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LAWRENCE, Ind. — Tonight police in Lawrence are investigating a homicide after they say an attempted robbery led to a shooting.

The victim was rushed to the hospital but later passed away.

The side window of a Chevy was shattered by gunfire shortly after noon on Sadlier Drive near 46th Street.

One homeowner called 911 after watching the shooting take place.

“It’s horrible. I never thought I’d see anything like that before, but I guess this is the age we live in,” said neighbor Rhonda Whittington.

Rhonda says before witnessing the shooting, she watched from inside her home as the victim’s car was parked in the street for several minutes..

“Yeah, they were sitting there. That’s why I noticed and stopped working and watched, because I thought it was odd,” said Whittington.

With a woman sitting in the driver’s seat of the Chevy, Rhonda claims two men she didn’t recognize got out of the car and began to have a discussion.

That’s when two shots were fired with the victim standing next to the passenger window.

“They said some words to each other. I couldn’t hear what was said and then one man shot the other. That’s when the car took off,” said Whittington.

“The driver started to leave, but then stopped here,” said Lawrence Deputy Chief Gary Woodruff.

Lawrence police are still investigating, but after talking to the woman who was in the car, they believe the violence may have started as an armed robbery.

“We do believe it was likely part of an attempted robbery, but the specifics that led to that meeting are still very much part of the investigation,” said Woodruff.

After the shooting the suspect ran away on foot.

Because no arrests have been made, anyone with information on the case is still asked to contact Lawrence police.