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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. – Nearly three dozen people were the target of a Halloween morning drug roundup in Johnson County.

“Operation Hocus Pocus” involved multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office, Drug Enforcement Agency, Franklin Police Department, Edinburgh Police Department and Bargersville Police Department.

Police executed warrants involving 33 individuals. Twenty-two people were arrested as part of the operation and others were still being sought. Authorities said the warrant sweep began around 6 a.m.

Among the charges were 33 counts of dealing methamphetamine, eight counts of dealing heroin and nine counts of dealing in a controlled substance, according to Johnson County Prosecutor Joe Villanueva.

“Methamphetamine is still kicking here in Johnson County,” Villanueva said. “In all these cases, individuals were charged with dealing in the substance. These were not cases in which people were charged with simple possession. We do have three people in this roundup who have prior dealing charges.”

He continued, “This is all the hard stuff. This is the stuff that really hurts the people in our community and we want to do what we can to get it off the streets.”

Franklin Police Chief Kirby Cochran said he and Sheriff Duane Burgess were pleased with the way the various departments worked together.

“If we can stop it here and we can prevent one death, then all the work, all the money we’re spending, is for a good cause,” Cochran said.

“We’re having people die in our counties because of this [drug activity],” Burgess said. “Just because someone ODs on an illegal narcotic, we don’t stop there. We go back, we do a lot of research, the detectives do, to try to find out who sold them that drug.”

Here are the names of the 33 people involved:

  • Barnett, Ronald (dealing in methamphetamine, dealing in a Schedule IV controlled substance)
  • Brooks, Charles (aiding in dealing methamphetamine, dealing in methamphetamine)
  • Burton, Kristopher (dealing in methamphetamine)
  • Chandler, Joey (conspiracy to commit dealing in methamphetamine)
  • Chavez, Maria (aiding in dealing methamphetamine)
  • Emmert, Curtis (dealing in methamphetamine)
  • Gilley, Daniel (dealing in methamphetamine)
  • Gregory, Shane (dealing in Schedule II controlled substance, dealing in Schedule III controlled substance)
  • Hampton-Burton, Shannon (dealing in methamphetamine)
  • Henson, Moniet (dealing in methamphetamine, dealing in a narcotic drug)
  • James, Tiffany (dealing in a Schedule II controlled substance)
  • Jewell, Nina (dealing in a Schedule III controlled substance)
  • Kidwell, Jeremy (dealing in methamphetamine)
  • Liddle, Dustin (dealing in methamphetamine, dealing in a narcotic (heroin))
  • Lynch, Baylee (dealing in methamphetamine)
  • Madison, Garcia (dealing in methamphetamine, dealing in a narcotic (heroin))
  • McKinney, Sarah (aiding in dealing in a narcotic (heroin))
  • Merchant, Joshua (dealing in methamphetamine)
  • Miller, Adrianna (dealing in methamphetamine)
  • Milroy, Matthew (dealing in methamphetamine)
  • Mullis, Toby (dealing in methamphetamine)
  • Pierce, Kevin (dealing in methamphetamine)
  • Rose, Matthew (dealing in methamphetamine)
  • Schmoll, Emily (dealing in a narcotic (heroin))
  • Service, Alisyn (dealing in methamphetamine)
  • Smith, Dawson (aiding in dealing in methamphetamine)
  • Smitson, Amanda (dealing in a narcotic (heroin))
  • Spaulding, Rick (dealing in a Schedule III controlled substance)
  • Streeval, Eric (conspiracy to commit dealing in methamphetamine)
  • Townsend, Dante (dealing in a narcotic (heroin))
  • Trowbridge, Vincent (dealing in a substance represented to be controlled)
  • Wade, Terrence (dealing in methamphetamine)
  • Wehmeier, Andrew (dealing in methamphetamine)