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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Tom and Jennifer Leath had the privilege of being officer Breann Leath’s parents. Officer Leath was shot and killed during a domestic disturbance on Indy’s east side last week.

“Breann loved this city, and she loved what she did, and as a mom, it’s a big deal to see your child recognize their lifelong dreams,” Jennifer said.

Since her dying day, we’ve heard countless stories from the community about the selfless person Bre was. Her parents confirmed that in a recorded message sent Tuesday afternoon.

“We try to teach our kids to have good moral character,” Jennifer said. “How you are behind closed doors, be that way outside, and she definitely was.”

Shelby Wiese and her daughter Penelope, or Nelly for short, got to experience Bre’s stellar character during a trip to the dollar store last year. Shelby said she noticed the officer right away.

“She just caught my eye, and I just had to go tell her how beautiful she is,” Shelby recalled. “Just her beauty caught my eye and her smile.”

Shelby said Bre was gracious and even waited outside for them by her car.

“I had introduce her to Nelly inside, and when we walked out, she’s like, ‘Hey Nelly, you like surprises?'” Shelby remembered. “Of course, Nelly, she’s like, ‘Yeah!’ So, out of her back seat, she got her a coloring book, stickers and crayons, and that just made her day. She popped her trunk and got her a teddy bear, and I’ll tell you, I’ll never forget the smile she put on my daughter’s face.”

Now, Nelly sleeps with her bear she named “Bre” every night. Shelby said she feels “extremely blessed” that her path crossed Bre’s.

“Her memory will forever be kept alive in my household,” Shelby promised. “In my daughter’s eyes, she is a hero.”

Chaplain Patricia Holman, members of IMPD’s chaplains team and the Police Officer Support Team are wrapping their arms and resources around Bre’s family and fellow officers right now. Holman described the situation as a nightmare, but he is proud of the way everyone is supporting each other.

“We have a shift of basically young people who are hurting,” Holman explained. “They are really hurting.”

Last Friday, a long IMPD motorcade brought Leath’s body to Crown Hill Cementery. Around the clock, there are IMPD officers voluntarily watching over her until she is buried.

“It’s definitely a humbling honor to be able to do that,” Holman said.

The IMPD Chaplains also suffered heartbreaking loss on Friday as a volunteer chaplain, Tori Martin, died. She served the chaplain’s office for a year, and Holman described her as “an absolute jewel.”