New details emerge regarding 21-year-old wounded in exchange of gunfire with IMPD

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INDIANAPOLIS — We’re learning new information about the suspect wounded in a police shooting on Indy’s east side.

That 21-year-old suspect remains hospitalized following a shooting Tuesday afternoon near 34th and Forest Manor.

One woman whose home sits right next to where the shooting took place claims she witnessed the shooting and doesn’t blame police for pulling the trigger.

“He ran from there to here, and he turned and shot at the police officers, and they in turn shot him,” said Earnestine Harris.

After hearing those gunshots, Harris took out her phone and recorded video of the suspect’s car with the passenger side door open right in front of her home.

IMPD claims the shooting started with a traffic stop after officers with the crime gun intelligence center spotted 21-year-old Tavon Macklin.

Police insist Macklin jumped out of the vehicle and immediately began firing at officers, hitting an occupied police vehicle. Over the course of the incident, seven officers fired their weapons, according to IMPD.

Photo shows IMPD car with bullet holes (Photo By IMPD)

“You know, sometimes if you pull out a gun, it ends pretty bad. I don’t believe in violence,” said pastor Donald Edwards Jr. with the Church of Glory.

Court records show in mid-December Macklin tampered with the strap on his GPS monitor, and warrants were issued for his arrest. 

In 2016, Macklin was convicted of two robberies that took place in 2015.

Court records show Macklin was wanted on warrants for tampering with his GPS device.

Just a few hours after Tuesday’s shooting, police searched the suspect’s home on Dequincy Street and allegedly recovered several more firearms.

While following up on the story Wednesday, a FOX59 photographer spotted a large gun clip, which was still loaded, at the exact spot where Macklin fell. That clip was handed over to IMPD.

Picture of large gun clip recovered by FOX59 at the scene of Tuesday’s shooting.

Although Macklin has not been charged with murder, police also claim he was wanted for questioning in an ongoing homicide investigation.

Police reports confirm that investigators believe Macklin may have been involved in a robbery that resulted in a deadly shooting at a gas station last month on South Keystone.

Fortunately, no officers were hurt during Tuesday’s shooting, and pastor Edwards, whose church sits right next to the scene, hopes the incident doesn’t damage the public’s trust in IMPD.

“There are some good cops and bad cops, good people and bad people. So our job is to try and mend our relationship with officers,” said Edwards.

IMPD Chief Randal Taylor commented off camera, “We had information our subject was armed, and we needed to get him off the street. It turned out as well as could be expected. Our officers made the right moves and did the right things.”

Police did not release a booking photo of Macklin because they say they don’t want to harm the ongoing homicide investigation.

The shooting was recorded on at least police worn body cameras, but IMPD is not yet releasing that footage.

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