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INDIANAPOLIS — The family of a murdered 14-year-old boy made an emotional plea for help one month after two teens were killed at a park on Indy’s east side.

Isaiah Jackson, 15, was killed in the park parking lot. His 14-year-old friend Da’Vonta White was found dead in the nearby grass. A month later police have still not provided a motive for the killing or released any detailed information on possible suspects.

Da’Vonta White

With tears running down her face, Chiquanna White struggled to speak about the loss of her 14-year-old son Da’Vonta.

“It’s a nightmare,” said Chiquanna White.

“It’s hard. His mom has good days and bad days. Some days she wants to talk and some days she doesn’t,” said White’s cousin Lashanna Thompson.

White left behind six siblings who are also still in mourning.

“They don’t even want to come home because of the memories. You know the house don’t even feel the same because his presence is no longer here,” said Thompson.

Police found White and Jackson shot to death at Dubarry Park in early March. The pair were dropped off at the park by a family friend just before the deadly shooting.

So far, IMPD has released little information about the case, only telling White’s family they received two strong tips, but wouldn’t elaborate.

Darryl Fisher

“You know we still don’t know what happened. We still want to know,” said Thompson. “We are losing our youth. We need the community to come together and speak up.”

Days after the double killing, dozens of White’s friends and family gathered at the park for a vigil, but they’re not alone in their pain.

Including Jackson and White, there have been four juvenile homicide victims shot to death this year.

In two separate cases, 17-year-old Jamal Lewis was killed in January and someone gunned down 15-year-old Darryl Fisher in February.

All four deaths remain unsolved.

“These unsolved murders, it’s becoming too normal. They’re not getting solved and whoever did this, if they don’t get caught, they’ll do it again,” said Thompson.

Because no arrests have been made, anyone with information on this case or any other unsolved homicide is asked to contact IMPD or Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.