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MUNCIE, Ind. (April 13, 2016) – Muncie police arrested a second teenager wanted in connection with the city’s first murder of 2016.

Marcus Earl Wilson II, 17, was captured in Grant County Wednesday afternoon. Muncie Police Chief Steve Stewart said they tracked Wilson down after a tip led them to a house in Van Buren.

“The public has been very helpful in this investigation and that’s how we were able to locate Mr. Wilson in Van Buren, Indiana,” said Chief Stewart.

Police believe Wilson and another teen are the ones who fired multiple shots that led to the death of Rafael Rodriguez, 24, and injured two others on Sunday. In an exclusive interview with CBS4, Wilson’s mother said her son is innocent and doesn’t believe he was the one who pulled the trigger.

“My son didn’t do it. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s all that was,” said Chasity Antrim. “My son ain’t got it in him to kill nobody. He’s a good kid. He didn’t kill nobody.”

Kaylee Jones and Zachary Antrim, Wilson’s brother, were also arrested Wednesday. They face preliminary felony charges of assisting a criminal. Police believe they were helping Wilson hide from police for three days.

Wilson’s arrest comes less than 12 hours after police arrested suspect Mason Lee O’Neal. Both teens are being held on a preliminary murder charge.

Wilson and O’Neal attended Muncie Central High School, but according to the school, neither of them has been enrolled for about a year.

Police previously arrested Logan May, 21, on charges of murder and conspiracy to commit robbery resulting in death. Cody Buck, 20, was arrested Monday on charges of murder and robbery.

Police believe the shooting revolves around drugs. According to court records, May told police she went to Rodriguez’s home to rob him and steal methamphetamine. Court records filed Wednesday state Buck told investigators, “Logan and Mason told him something along the lines of that (expletive) started shooting.”

“This is an ongoing investigation. We’ll let it run its course and see if there’s anyone else involved or any other crimes that have been committed. If so, then we’ll pursue those people and charge them as well,” said Stewart.

The murder and charges of the suspects come as the Muncie community is working overtime to help prevent teen gun violence before it happens.

A “Stop the Violence” event held at The Unity Center Wednesday night brought together community members and law enforcement for an open discussion on what residents can do to help a growing problem.

“It’s the schools, it’s the churches, it’s communities, it’s police, really it’s everybody’s problem. It may not seem like it, but it really is and we need to think about short term and long term solutions,” said keynote speaker, IUPUI Environmental Affairs Professor, Dr. Thomas Stucky.

The center is working on gaining traction in a community where gun violence is ever present. Organizers are hoping to start the conversation with families on how teens are getting their hands on guns.

“We, as a community are trying to figure that out. That’s what this program is about is trying to figure out how kids are getting their arms around handguns,” said Carl Malone, Unity Center Volunteer.

Anyone with information on the murder is asked to call Crime Stoppers of Delaware County at 765-286 4050.