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MUNCIE, Ind. (November 16, 2015) — A middle school cafeteria worker was busted for making a drug deal in the school parking lot.

Undercover officers with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department arrested 53-year-old Sandra Howard. On Friday, Howard thought she was talking with a drug user, but it ended up being an undercover officer.

“The individual was going to sell us $40 worth of pills and that she wanted us to meet her at the school property,” said an undercover officer with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.

An undercover officer met Howard in the parking lot at Northside Middle School during lunch hour. Officials say Howard wanted the money upfront and promised she would hand over the five hydrocodone pills later that day. Supposedly, Howard didn’t want to bring the pills onto school property.

“She was afraid of the school resource officer, that’s why the police are there. She’s still brazen enough to come out and start a drug deal in the middle of her working hours at the school,” said the undercover officer.

Delaware County sheriff’s deputies say the money was exchanged in the middle school parking lot. Later that evening, they went to Walmart to finish the deal.

“When she rolled up to Walmart she was actually on the phone with an undercover officer. She basically went in and purchased the pills and when she came back out the confidential informant approached her,” said the undercover officer.

Howard was arrested and charged with dealing narcotics.

Muncie Community Schools told us Howard is a substitute cafeteria worker and so far this year she’s worked about a week. The school district told FOX 59, “If this person is in fact distributing illegal substances we’re glad the police caught her.” Since the incident allegedly happened on school property, Howard has been charged with a more severe felony.