INDIANAPOLIS– A Muncie man was shot to death inside his home almost exactly five years after his father was murdered in Indy.  

Police are still trying to figure out who fired into the victim’s home on Wednesday.

The home on east 10th street in Muncie was absolutely riddled with gunfire.  The bullet holes stretched from the floor to the roof.

More than 50 gunshots shattered multiple windows on the home and left the inside walls and furniture filled with holes.

“It’s really sad what we’re dealing with right now,” said family friend Marwin Strong.

Police were called to the duplex early Wednesday and found 29-year-old Tristan Twilley Jr. dead inside.

“To hear this type of violence and that he’s no longer with us is hurtful for us all,” said Strong.

Photo of Tristan Twilley Jr.

Marwin Strong has been a friend of the Twilley family for decades and grew up with the victim’s father, also named Tristan Twilley.

“It’s hurtful.  Tristan Twilley Jr. was a great young man.  I’ve known him since he was born,” said Strong.

Unfortunately, the violence took place almost exactly five years after the victim’s father was murdered in Indianapolis.

In March 2018, outside a business on 34th street in Indy, 44-year-old Tristan Twilley was shot to death.

Photo of Tristan Twilley provided in 2018

After that murder IMPD released surveillance video showing the victim walking up to an SUV when a gunman ran up from behind and killed him.    That gunman has never been arrested.

Big Twill, as the older Twilley was called, was well known in Muncie for organizing large Easter egg hunts.  His death dealt an emotional blow to the family in 2018.

“It’s terrible.  I think about it every day.  I think about my nephew every day and what happened to him,” said the victim’s aunt Beverly Twilley in 2018.

Sadly, the shooting Wednesday that claimed Twilley Jr. has once again hurt the same family.

“Just the fact that a father and son are gone, It’s just hurtful.   All I can say is enough is enough,” said Strong.

No arrests have been made in either homicide.

Anyone with information on the shooting in Muncie can contact the Muncie Police Department detective division.