MUNCIE, Ind. — A 30-year-old Muncie man reportedly confessed to police that he forced himself upon a woman after having a few drinks at a local bar.

Brandan Batchelor, 30, was arrested early Sunday and faces preliminary charges of criminal confinement, strangulation and rape.

According to court documents, the victim told police that Batchelor forced himself upon her at a home on W. North Street after the pair returned from having a few drinks at a local music venue and bar.

Booking photo of Brandan Batchelor

The victim said she and Batchelor got into an altercation on the car ride home and went their separate ways once back at the North Street home. The two continued to converse over Snapchat, however, and when the victim went into Batchelor’s room to confront him about the conversation, he reportedly assaulted her.

Court documents reveal that the victim told police Batchelor threw her onto the bed and took her clothes off despite her trying to get away and telling him no.

The victim told police that Batchelor told her he could have sex with her since, “you’re in my room now and you didn’t knock.”

She told police Batchelor also reportedly told her that, “This is for me, not you.”

The victim told police she attempted to fight back and even pulled Batchelor’s hair to try and inflict pain on him so that he would stop.

At one point, Batchelor is accused of holding her down by her neck and squeezing.

Court documents reveal that Batchelor reportedly admitted to pinning her down and not wanting her to leave the bedroom.

He reportedly said she was the only one he wanted and that he “snapped” and felt that forcing himself upon her was the only way to show he wanted her.

According to officers, when police first arrived at the home Batchelor confessed, “I forced myself on her.”

Batchelor is being held at the Delaware County Jail on a $30,000 bond.