INDIANAPOLIS — Residents at an apartment complex in the Broad Ripple neighborhood spent their Tuesday morning cleaning up their vehicles after vandals visited the parking lot sometime overnight.

Messages like “NICE CAR! SIKE GET AN UPGRADE!” and “Small A** Car Broke N****” were scrawled on the windows and hoods of vehicles at the Wellington Square Apartments on E. 64th Street.

An exact number of cars was not given, but it appeared at least seven cars were affected.

One apartment resident says he mistakenly thought only his vehicle was vandalized before he got a better look at the other cars in the parking lot.

” I happen to look, and I looked over here at the other car and noticed there was a racial slur on that car. Then I started noticing all the other cars in the parking lot that had racial slurs and sexual content and pictures drawn on the cars,” said Dwayne Abernathy.

Abernathy said the complex has had a recent issue of catalytic converters getting stolen from vehicles in the past few months.

IMPD will likely look at nearby surveillance video as they investigate.