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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Dozens of accused drug dealers are behind bars following a series of drug raids across Indianapolis.

On Thursday federal prosecutors unveiled the results of a series of raids which took place early Wednesday morning.

The federal busts this week were dubbed “Operation: Garage Band” and resulted in 22 arrests on Wednesday.

“Our city is safer today than it was yesterday and that’s our goal,” said Indianapolis mayor Joe Hogsett.

Mayor Hogsett joined federal prosecutors to announce that during those raids investigators seized meth, heroin, cocaine, marijuana and fentanyl.   40 firearms were also taken off the streets.

“These types of cases make a difference when it comes to gun violence,” said United States Attorney Josh Minkler.

According to a federal indictment, Jshaun Trice and Terrence Stum oversaw the violent drug organization, which had been under surveillance for 8 months.

“Jshaun Trice, Terrence Stum, Demetrick Holder and Gerald Hoskins coordinated their activities by receiving methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine from diverse sources, sharing controlled substances with each other, and distributing the controlled substances to customers. Individuals in the conspiracy distributed methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine on the 700 block of Arnolda Avenue, in the Haughville neighborhood in Indianapolis, Indiana, among other locations,” the U.S. Department of Justice said in a release.

“This is another chapter in the Department of Justice strategy to reduce gun violence in Indianapolis.  For this administration, the reduction of gun violence is the number one priority,” said Minkler.

In a second federal drug raid last month, 22 additional suspects were arrested and 20 firearms were seized in the same neighborhood.

Police say drug rings, like the one busted this week, are responsible for numerous violent crimes.

“If you look at all those associated with this group, it’s 130 people.  They are responsible for 2,500 violent crimes throughout their years,” said IMPD chief Bryan Roach.

Despite the large scale of the operation, no citizens, suspects or officers were hurt during the raids.

Those charged in the investigation include (* indicates the person is still at large):

  • Jshaun Trice, 31, Indianapolis
  • Terrence Stum, 35, Indianapolis
  • Demetrick Holder, 20, Indianapolis
  • Darryl Allen, 35, Indianapolis
  • Eric Bard, 33, Indianapolis
  • Dustin Manuel, 30, Indianapolis*
  • Kelvin Washington, 34, Indianapolis
  • Gerald Hoskins, 23, Indianapolis
  • Devin Jones, 28, Indianapolis*
  • Adrian Myles, 40, Indianapolis
  • Christopher Hill, 30, Indianapolis
  • Robert Hadley, 48, Indianapolis
  • Danny Jenkins, 47, Indianapolis
  • Antonio McClure, 37, Indianapolis*
  • James Gibson, 33, Indianapolis
  • Carlo Payne, 39, Indianapolis
  • Thomas Acord, 30, Bloomington
  • Alton Brown Sr., 53, Indianapolis*
  • Steven Savage, 29, Indianapolis
  • Derrick O’Connor, 52, Indianapolis
  • Melissa Kidwell, 39, Indianapolis
  • Jacqueline Huffman, 40, Indianapolis
  • Jacob Jones, 30, Indianapolis
  • Sheridan Sisk, 37, Indianapolis

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That raids also aren’t unique to Indianapolis.

Last year in early May, federal prosecutors dismantled a major drug trafficking ring in Kokomo, an effort they dubbed Operation Law and Order.  That raid resulted in nearly 20 arrests and seized drugs smuggled into Indiana from Mexico.

At that time, U.S. Attorney Josh Minkler offered a word of warning to drug dealers across the state. That warning that also applies to the early morning raids on Wednesday.

“If you are dealing drugs and infesting our communities with addiction, you will pay a price and that price will be harsh,” said Minkler in May 2018.  “Indiana and the southern district of Indiana will be the most inhospitable place in this country to deal drugs.”