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UPDATE: Deborah Snyder pleaded guilty to neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury.

She was sentenced to eight years, with 299 days of jail credit. Of this time, she will serve 30 months in the Indiana Department of Corrections. 5.5 years will be spent on probation.

WAYNETOWN, Ind. — A mother and son are facing neglect charges after Waynetown police found a 70-year-old woman under their care in “catastrophic” condition during a welfare check.

On August 14, Waynetown police were called for a welfare check at a home in the 300 block of Blackford Street in Waynetown. Police say they responded to the home within an hour, and the victim, who was alone, gave them consent to enter the house.

Authorities found the woman bedridden on the couch in “awful” shape. According to WPD, the woman was severely malnourished and weighed approximately 70 pounds, had insect bites on her legs, and insects were eating her flesh.

Medics were called, and the woman was taken to a hospital in Crawfordsville before later being transferred to Indianapolis.

“It was the worst case of adult neglect I have seen in my 19-year career,” said an official with WPD. “Her wounds were horrible, she hadn’t been to the doctor in a couple years and was not on her medication because it was never filled.”

Waynetown police said the woman is in a long-term care facility as of Tuesday, and the care facility advised that she will most likely succumb to her injuries due to malnourishment and the extent of her wounds.

The woman’s sister, 64-year-old Deborah Diane Snyder, and nephew, 40-year-old Lance Wayne Snyder, who lived at the house with the victim, were arrested and booked into the Montgomery County Jail.