Taylor Abrams pleaded guilty to neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for December 23.


Elijah Mills was found guilty of neglect of a dependent resulting in catastrophic injury, battery resulting in serious bodily injury to a person less than 14 years old and battery resulting in death to a person less than 14 years old. He was sentenced to 39 years in the Indiana Department of Correction with a 369-day jail credit.


NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — The mother of a Noblesville boy fighting for his life Tuesday night said her son is sedated at Riley Hospital for Children after suffering from a brain bleed.

The 4-year-old’s father, Elijah Mills, and his girlfriend, Taylor Abrams, were arrested on neglect charges.

On November 12, officers from the Noblesville Police Department responded to a call to assist paramedics with the possible cardiac arrest of the child at the 700 block of Nelson Circle.

NPD began an investigation upon arrival and requested additional investigators from the criminal investigation division and the Hamilton County Department of Child Services after observing evidence at the scene, including the smell of marijuana.

According to court documents, Mills and Abrams were present when policed arrived.

Court documents show Riley doctors found the injuries highly suspicious for inflicted/non accidental trauma.

Brittany Lynch, the victim’s mother, said her son may never be able to breathe or eat on his own again if he survives. Lynch said she only gets supervised visitation with her son, and that he lived full-time with his father, Mills.

“I leave it up to God type person,” she said. ” I try my best to fully give it to him. I know he is going to pull him out.”

Lynch said her son had fractures on his arm, leg and ribs. Police said the boy was treated for multiple injuries, including “bone growing over muscle due to trauma and multiple bruises and other skin injuries.”

Austin Murrell said he lives in the apartment below Mills and Abrams. Police reports show NPD officers visited the couple’s place very recently, once in August and another time in October after DCS reported possible child neglect resulting in injury.

“Sounded like the kid was being thrown into walls and slammed on the ground. Pretty much, take a chair or something and throw it at a wall, and that is what it sounded like,” Murrell said.

Police said Mills told officers he is in the medical profession and was able to know when it is necessary to get his son medical help.

Abram’s mother spoke to CBS4 over the phone. She claimed her daughter never hurt the child, and she is not to blame for this suspected crime.