MIDDLETOWN, Ind. — A woman has been sentenced to probation after she kicked and punched a police officer during a June incident.

Last month, Emily Collins pleaded guilty on two counts of battery against a public safety official, according to court documents filed in late August. Collins was sentenced to 361 days on probation after she previously served two days in jail.

According to previous reports, Collins is accused of kicking a police officer in the “groin” and “striking” the officer in the face during an incident in early June. Officers were called to a Middletown home on June 8 on a call of a person, later identified as Collins, refusing to leave a home.

After telling officers she would not leave, previous reports said that Collins began to assault the police officer by punching and kicking as the officer began to arrest Collins. Multiple officers then arrived at the scene and were able to restrain Collins with handcuffs.