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MARION, Ind. — Three family members in Marion have active arrest warrants for neglect charges in connection with the drowning death of a two-year-old girl.

Karla K. Donaldson, 56, faces charges of neglect of a dependent resulting in death, neglect of a dependent and possession of methamphetamine, according to court documents.

Documents show that Karla Donaldson is accused of smoking methamphetamine and failing to supervise two children on June 11, 2018 resulting in the death of one child.

The affidavit also shows Daniel R. Donaldson, 59, and Kevin D. Donaldson, 29, also face charges of neglect of a dependent.

As reported in the Chronicle Tribune, the victim and her brother were visiting their father, Kevin Donaldson, who lived and worked with his father Daniel Donaldson.

Police said Kevin’s mom, Karla, was watching the children, and that both Kevin and Daniel knew that Karla used methamphetamine.

According to police, Karla said in an interview that she was preparing supper, and the child was out of sight for about 10 to 15 minutes when she then found the victim floating face down in the pool.

Police said the child was taken to Marion General Hospital and was later flown to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis.

Daniel and Kevin Donaldson are being charged for not securing the pool, and for leaving children under the care of someone under the influence of methamphetamine.

According to court records, Karla later admitted not only to using meth the day of the incident, but also to smoking more meth while she was babysitting the children.

The Chronicle Tribune reported that the victim’s mother, who lives in North Carolina, claimed she specifically told Kevin not to leave the children with Karla, a known drug user, but instead take the children to some relatives in Muncie that would babysit for free.