BROWNSBURG, Ind. — A man convicted in the 2020 murder of a Hendricks County teen will spend decades in prison.

A judge sentenced Kamarion Moody to 95 years in the Indiana Department of Correction in connection with the death of 17-year-old Freddie Hegwood.

The sentence included 60 years for murder and 35 years for attempted murder, to be served consecutively. He was also sentenced to a year on two criminal recklessness charges, although those counts will be served concurrently with the other two charges.

Jurors found Moody guilty following a trial last month. He was one of four suspects in the December 15, 2020, shooting, which happened around 3 p.m. in the area of 10273 Haag Road in Brownsburg.

Hegwood was sitting in a Jeep Compass when someone fired several shots from a Chevy Impala. He died from his injuries at Eskenazi Hospital; a second person in the car escaped injury.

Investigators said the shooting stemmed from a social media feud involving Hegwood, Moody and three other teens: Jeremy Perez, Antonio Lane and Tyreontay Jackson. Three of the suspects were 17 at the time, while Jackson was 18. All were charged as adults.

Social media posts helped investigators solve the shooting. They discovered Hegwood and the others had exchanged insults and threats online; they were also members of rival gangs.

In a live video posted on Instagram, someone commented that they could see Hegwood and were “going to shoot him right now.” Police used social media accounts and their associated phone numbers to track down the suspects. The Impala the suspects were riding in had been registered to Moody’s mother.

Three of the suspects—Moody, Lane and Perez—took a Greyhound bus to California after the shooting. They were captured in Indianapolis in July 2021, police said.

Lane was sentenced to 130 years in January 2022 after a jury found him guilty of murder, attempted murder and criminal recklessness. The sentence included a 55-year criminal organization enhancement.

Jackson was found guilty following a jury trial in August and was sentenced on Oct. 13 to 140 years in prison. Perez is scheduled to go on trial in December, according to court records.