INDIANAPOLIS — A man pleaded guilty for his role in a 2022 series of armed robberies.

Ronald McGarr was sentenced Tuesday to 16 years for armed robbery, taking property by force, or threatening use of force while armed. Six years of his sentence were suspended. McGarr will spend nine years in the Indiana Department of Correction, one year in home detention, and two years on probation as part of his plea agreement.

Multiple charges, including burglary with a deadly weapon, robbery resulting in bodily Injury, auto theft, and theft were dropped.

According to previous reports, McGarr, a woman, and three juveniles were arrested and charged, accused of orchestrating a series of armed robberies that occurred in June 2022.

On one occasion, a man told investigators that he was lured to a home on West 9th Street and claimed he was beaten with baseball bats by several masked suspects. The suspects also allegedly used a blow torch to burn his legs, face, and tongue before the victim escaped and ran for help.

A few days later, another man leaving a nightclub on Georgetown Road offered to give a woman a ride home before being carjacked and beaten near 10th and Tibbs.

A week later, police were called to an apartment complex for a home invasion near West 34th Street and learned that two men were robbed and assaulted at gunpoint.

A person and two kids were robbed and shot at while running a taco truck on a Sunday morning.

According to reports, the robberies were committed at least four times over three weeks.

McGarr and his girlfriend, Danielle Gutierrez, both admitted they used juvenile friends of their 15-year-old son to commit the crimes.

According to court records, Gutierrez is set for trial in October.