SPEEDWAY, Ind. — We’re learning more about the man shot to death in Speedway Tuesday, just a few days before his birthday.

Family approved picture of Tyler Futrell and his son

Tyler Futrell would have turned 23 years old on Friday. The young man was also the father to a 2-year-old boy.

The violence marked the first homicide of the year in Speedway.

Futrell’s family has now been torn apart after a shooting, which took place at the Maywood at Speedway apartments along West 25th Street.

Police said they were called to a loud noise disturbance and found Futrell dead on the scene.

The family said after being shot outside the apartment building, Futrell ran inside to his dad’s apartment and passed away in his father’s arms.

The reason for the killing remains a mystery, but so far, no arrests have been made.

“Unfortunately for us, this is a traumatic event for the family and for the town itself. We don’t get this happening a lot here,” said Speedway Police Lt. Robert Dine.

In fact, Speedway police investigated only one homicide in 2021.

In mid-February of last year, police found 21-year-old Christopher Cantave shot to death in the front seat of running car, which was resting on a snow bank in the parking lot of a shopping center along Crawfordsville Road. No one has ever been arrested in Cantave’s death.

Family approved picture of Tyler Futrell

While Futrell’s family was too emotional to talk about the death on camera, they urged the public to speak up and help police find his killer.

Anyone in the community with information about Futrell’s homicide is asked to contact Detective Lauren Roemke at the Speedway Police Department or by calling Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.