INDIANAPOLIS – A large underage party leads to a gun bust at a motel on Indy’s east side.

According to court records, police were called to the Budget 8 Inn near 21st and Shadeland Saturday night for a large group of teens drinking and partying in the parking lot.

With dozens of teens waving guns in the air and refusing to leave the property, a late shift manager at the Budget 8 Inn called police for help.

“We had reports of teens jumping on cars and teens with weapons,” said IMPD Captain Joe Finch.

Captain Finch said because police have responded to hundreds of crimes at the Budget 8 Inn over the last couple of years, including shootings and stabbings, officers quickly arrived and roughly 30 juveniles left the scene.

During the investigation, police arrested two suspects after officers allegedly found drugs and three guns inside their car. The weapons included an AR-style pistol with the serial number filed off.

Police photo of guns and weapons seized in this case

“The good thing is nobody was hurt and nobody was shot, but it’s a continued focus of ours,” said Finch.

Court records show that 18-year-old Christian Richardson was charged with unlawful possession and possession of an altered firearm.

Booking photo of Christian Richardson

The arrest illustrates how IMPD remains focused on seizing illegal guns to try and prevent violence.

“We regularly as commanders and captains talk about what more we can do to reduce violence in Marion County and much of that is gun violence,” said Finch. “The more guns we can get off the street, the hope is those tools won’t be available for violent conduct.”

In fact, through October, the Indiana Crime Guns Task Force has seized more than 300 illegally possessed firearms. That number exceeds last year’s total.

The increase comes despite the fact that a new open carry law passed by the statehouse eliminated the need for permits for most gun owners, while still prohibiting certain offenders from possessing firearms.

“My understanding of the law is if you couldn’t get a firearm permit under the old law, you still can’t carry under the new law. If you were illegal before, you are still illegal now,” said Finch.

Because of his criminal history, prosecutors have asked for a higher-than-normal bond for Richardson.

The second suspect charged with drug dealing has been released from jail pending trial.