KOKOMO, Ind. – After more than 16 years, investigators in Kokomo believe they’ve solved a cold case murder.

On Nov. 15, 2006, officers responded to the 1400 block of Armstrong St. where they found 20-year-old Chad Rouse dead from a gunshot wound.

Chad Rouse

A witness told police an unidentified man entered the home to rob the residence, leading to a fight between Rouse and the suspect. During the struggle, Rouse was shot in the back.

Over the years, the Kokomo Police Department followed up on numerous tips and leads. In February 2023, investigators indicated they were close to solving the case and had narrowed it down to a “very small group of people.”

On May 26, 2023, a Howard County grand jury indicted two people in connection with the case:

  • Kevin Maddox, 48; murder, robbery resulting in serious bodily injury and conspiracy to commit robbery resulting in serious bodily injury
  • Amber Brigham, 36; conspiracy to commit robbery resulting in serious bodily injury and aiding, inducing or causing robbery resulting in serious bodily injury
Kevin Maddox (left) and Amber Brigham (right)/Howard County Jail

On Tuesday, after warrants were issued for both suspects, police arrested Maddox in Indianapolis and Brigham in Miami County. Assisting agencies included the FBI Indianapolis Violent Crimes Task Force, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the Miami County Sheriff’s Department.

“It has been 16 and a half years we have missed a lot of good times with him,” said Chad’s mother, Athena Rouse.

Rouse’s family said they never thought this day would come.

“I was like ‘Is this for real? Is this really happening?’ I was just dazed,” Athena said. “I was like I’m not going to believe this until I get to the police station and they tell me.”

The family is excited to potentially be one step closer to justice, but they said this is not over yet.

“We are happy, but still a little scared,” said Chad’s sister Heather Rouse. “We definitely need people to still talk.”

For now, the family said they will continue to celebrate the time they had while Chad was here.

“Every year we do lanterns on his death date and on his birthday we do birthday balloons,” said Athena.

Anyone with additional information about the case should contact Captain Mike Banush at (765) 456-7278 or the Kokomo Police Department Hotline at (765) 456-7017. They can also contact Central Indiana Crime Stoppers at 1-800-262-TIPS (8477).