AVON, Ind. – An Avon chiropractor who was charged with rape in September is now facing several battery charges after at least five other former patients came out claiming inappropriate touching during appointments.

Roc Anthony Byrd, 52 is being preliminarily charged with sexual battery, a Level 6 felony and five counts of battery, Class B misdemeanors.

Court documents detailed that at least two victims reported Byrd would rub his genitals up against their hands and/or rub their inner thighs near their genitals during their visits at Cornerstone Chiropractic.

Their visits happened anywhere between 2018 to 2022 in Avon.

There were also three other women who came out reporting inappropriate touching that happened to them during the early 2000s after learning about September’s rape charge against Byrd.

Roc Anthony Byrd booking photo (Hendricks County Jail)

Many victims said that while they were being touched in an inappropriate manner, they thought it was an accident. One victim said, “it was so gradual…I feel so stupid now.” She said Byrd would pull her pants down, without permission, while massaging her buttocks, hips and thighs.

The probable cause added that Bryd would touch the woman inappropriately in her genital area over top of her underwear.

That victim said she went to Byrd as a chiropractor because they attended the same church together.

Another victim stated, “first of all, I feel crazy for thinking it was not a big deal at the time.” She said Byrd would rub his genitals against her hand while massaging her shoulders.

Someone else claimed Byrd touched her genital area for “way to long” and “all I know is that it was longer than an accident.”

Court records said another anonymous victim trusted Byrd because she believed he was “such a great Christian man.” When she was touched inappropriately, she thought to herself that the chiropractor surely couldn’t’ve been doing what “he was doing.”

That woman later stated she questioned herself on whether she gave Byrd the wrong impression by wearing lacy underwear [after Byrd reportedly looked down her pants]. She said he also rubbed her arm against his crotch area while rubbing her arm.

One other woman said she attempted to file a report around 2004 to 2005 after being touched inappropriately but the officers involved reportedly said, “oh he would never do that he goes to our church… why would he do that?”

Investigators were granted a search warrant for the medical records of the victims and confirmed all were patients of Byrd’s.

Police added that the treatment and exam dates lined up with the statements given by all five women.

Previous reports showed Byrd was just recently charged with rape by the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office on Sept. 28. The probable cause reported that through an investigation that began in November 2022.

Investigators determined Byrd had multiple extramarital affairs with patients throughout parts of his career. He also allegedly communicated with patients he had inappropriate relationships with via Telegram, an instant messaging service.

No initial hearing has been set in this case.