UPDATE: After an extensive and thorough investigation, the Westfield Police Department determined that this event was unfounded. There is no threat to the community.

WESTFIELD, Ind. — Westfield police are looking for a man who tried to abduct a child off his bicycle on Wednesday.

Police said a boy was biking around 4 p.m. in the 700 block of Burgess Hill Pass in the Maple Knoll neighborhood when a man came up to him and grabbed his arm.

”Very scary. Westfield is a very safe community,” Westfield Police Lt. Billy Adams said. “We don’t get a lot of calls like this.”

The boy was able to get away from the man. Adams said he did exactly what he was supposed to do.

”The juvenile was able to scream, cause a distraction. He said the male got spooked and went away,” Adams said.

The 700 block of Burgess Hill Pass is a roundabout, with a community clubhouse, pool, playground and tennis courts.

Adams said the boy was paying attention. He was out on his bike before the encounter and noticed a suspicious car driving around. A little while later, that same car stopped, and a man got out.

”The juvenile was able to give us an amazing description of the adult male himself, as well as his vehicle,” Adams said.

The Westfield Police Department is looking for a white man in his 30s with a slender build who stands about 6’2″, has a bald head and a red goatee. He was said to be wearing black and gray pants, a black coat, sunglasses and a dangling cross earring. The suspect’s vehicle was described as a dirty two-door black Dodge Ram, between 2009 and 2018, with silver rims and a scrape on the driver’s side door.

”Right now, we’re just doing everything we can,” Adams said. “Scrubbing for videos, cameras on houses, ring doorbells, anything of that nature.”

FOX59 spoke with several neighbors with doorbell cameras near the area where the incident happened who said police came by to check out their footage, but they didn’t find anything.

Adams is asking all residents in Maple Knoll to think about what they saw or what their cameras saw in the neighborhood between 3:30 and 4 p.m. Wednesday.

“We’re asking all residents to give us any information they can,” Adams said. “If they think they would have saw somebody that matched that description, the vehicle description or they think they have video.”

Chris and Kara Lovelace were taking their daily walk Thursday right by where the attempted abduction happened the day before.

”It just, it shakes you,” Kara said.

The couple has lived in Westfield for years.

”We’ve got a 13-year-old son as well, so it’s kind of disturbing to hear that stuff going on around here,” Chris said.

Like many of their other neighbors, the Lovelaces said they’ll be vigilant.

”You’re always on the lookout, because we’ve got a description of what the vehicle is,” Chris said. “If you see something like that, obviously report it.”

Adams said this should serve as a reminder to every Westfield family.

”Watch out for each other, and be vigilant, and look after each other,” he said. “Not just our own kids but the community’s kids.”

Adams said this is also a good time for parents to talk to their kids about what to do if this situation ever happens to them.

“In this particular case, the juvenile did exactly what he should have. Hit, kick, scream, cause a distraction, draw attention to yourself,” Adams said.

Going forward, Westfield police will have more patrols in neighborhoods and around bus stops as this investigation continues.