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INDIANAPOLIS — Dramatic video captured the end of a police pursuit involving a stolen vehicle in Indianapolis overnight.

The chase took place along Interstate 70 on Indy’s near east side.

Driving down an embankment near the Keystone exit, a man tried to escape Indiana State Police while allegedly tossing drugs out the car window.

Troopers began that chase after spotting the stolen Kia SUV outside a motel on Shadeland.

After hitting a fence line, the driver bailed out, jumped over a fence and ran into an adjacent neighborhood before being taken into custody.

A female passenger also got out of the car before being arrested.

“This pursuit didn’t last long. It ended in a crash, but we’re thankful it didn’t involve any other vehicles and no one got hurt,” said Indiana State Police Sgt. John Perrine.

Court records claim the car was stolen in a carjacking on Thursday.

After being caught, the driver Derek Twyman admitted he stole the car because the victim had stolen heroin and money from him the day before and he planned to take the car to Chicago to sell at a chop shop.

While running away from police overnight, Twyman admitted he hid a gun in the neighborhood.

Police did not recover that firearm but did find fentanyl and cocaine near the crash site.

“When someone runs from police or flees from police in a vehicle, it’s a dangerous situation, but it’s also important that they’re apprehended because often they’re running for more than not wanting a traffic ticket,” said Perrine.

In the end, Twyman was arrested for criminal recklessness and resisting law enforcement while the passenger, Phoebe Grogan, was arrested on drug-related charges.

“The outcome of this one is positive. We were able to end the pursuit without anyone being hurt and we were able to apprehend the suspects,” said Perrine.

Twyman remains in the Marion County jail. An initial hearing in the case is set for early next week.

IMPD assisted with both the pursuit and taking the suspects into custody.

The case comes after IMPD reported seeing a huge increase in carjackings in 2021.

There were 247 carjackings in Indianapolis last year compared to 176 in 2020.