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INDIANAPOLIS — An IndyGo bus thief reportedly stole the bus while the driver was taking a break at a gas station with two passengers still onboard.

Quentin Stewart, 30, was arrested and charged with auto theft, criminal confinement and leaving the scene of an accident.

According to court documents, the IndyGo bus driver told officers she had been taking a break and had parked the bus near the intersection of College Avenue and 64th Street at around 9:30 a.m. Saturday while she went into a gas station. When returning to the bus, she spotted Stewart trying to pry the bus doors open. Stewart was on crutches, according to the documents.

Booking photo of Quentin Stewart

Yelling at Stewart to stop, the driver said she then opened the doors to allow Stewart onto the bus as a passenger. Stewart went straight to the enclosure around the driver’s seat, however, and began “messing around,” the driver told police.

The bus driver then walked away from the bus, documents state, telling investigators she had been trying to notify her supervisor to call the police because she felt Stewart was trying to gain control of the bus.

Stewart did just that, however, driving away in the bus after gaining control from the driver’s seat. The documents do not clarify if the bus was still running or not while the driver went on break to the gas station.

Stewart didn’t make it far in the stolen bus, crashing onto a median about a block away at College and Westfield. Stewart then fled the bus on foot with the crutches.

The bus driver told police that two passengers were on the bus at the time of the crash. Both were believed to have walked away on foot after the crash.

At first, police found and handcuffed one of the passengers while seeking the thief. Police released the man from custody, however, after learning he had been a passenger on the bus who had been sleeping during the theft and crash.

The bus driver then pointed out Stewart who was taken into custody. Police said that while Stewart was legally a male, Stewart was transitioning to become a female.

According to court documents, Stewart had a glass pipe and aluminum crutches on person when arrested. Stewart did not need the crutches to walk, according to Stewart’s statements to police.