LAWRENCE, Ind. — Jeremy Seldomridge was a martial arts black belt, so it’s not hard to imagine he had little to fear early on a Saturday morning just after Thanksgiving 2020 when he heard a noise outside his window in his driveway.

“There had possibly been some thefts from vehicles, even thefts off of vehicles, equipment off of vehicles potentially,” said Lawrence Police Deputy Chief Gary Woodruff, “But nothing rising to the level of shooting or homicide.”

But that’s exactly what happened to Jeremy Seldomridge.

Witnesses reported hearing several gunshots before finding Seldomridge fatally wounded outside his home near 50th Street and North Franklin Road.

A witness gave police a description that led to a sketch of a Caucasian woman with dark hair.

Sketch of person wanted for questioning in Jeremy Seldomridge’s murder

“I was actually thinking it would be a man so I was pretty shocked when I saw that the sketch was a woman,” said a relative of Seldomridge, who asked not to be identified for fear of the killer’s return. “It was a theft and Jeremy was protecting his own property and it cost him his life.”

After the shooting, the suspects leaped into a dark sedan and sped off southbound on Franklin Road.

“We know that any time there is more than one person in a vehicle, and in this case at least two, it doubles the opportunity for someone to speak and talk about,” said Woodruff. “We hope there’s either a guilty conscience that comes with this or the reward money appeals to somebody’s financial interest.”

Seldomridge’s family has a $5000 reward waiting for the person who leads police to his killer.

“I know that somebody knows something and I’m just hoping that with the sketch and everything coming back out again that we will get some tips and be able to get some closure on Jeremy’s case,” said the relative. “These people are still out there…and I don’t believe that these people are gonna stop. They’re gonna do this again.”

If you know anything about the murder of Jeremy Seldomridge in Lawrence just after Thanksgiving of 2020, call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS. Your anonymous information could be worth an additional $1,000 dollar reward.